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Tree Agate

Tree Agate

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Natural Tree Agate (these are natural stones, and there may be some variation in color and size). These are large-sized stones measuring between 1 in (25 mm) to 1.25 in (32 mm). We have an overstock of these stones.


Tree Agate is a stone of inner peace, and it calms the nerves. It brings focus and gets rid of egotism and arrogance. Tree agate boosts and supports the immune system and regulates water in the body. It is also a stone of abundance and prosperity. Tree Agate is also an excellent stone for connecting with nature and earth energy. Tree Agate has a quiet strength that is said to aid with problems related to the nerves. It assists with mental functions, clarity, and stability. Tree Agate also helps in overcoming negative emotions and bringing love. It has a slow and steady working yet lasting effect.


Mineral: Microcrystalline quartz

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Specific Gravity: 2.60 - 2.65

Moh’s Hardness: 6.5 to 7

Refractive Index: 1.544 - 1.553


Primary Chakra(s): Root, Heart, Crown

Astrological Sign(s): Gemini, Scorpio

Element(s): Earth

Vibration Number(s): 2,7


• Large-sized stone(s) measuring between 1 in (25 mm) to 1.25 in (32 mm)

• Included as a bonus is an information card 3.5 in (89 mm) X 2 in (51 mm) with Description, Affirmation, Scientific Properties and Metaphysical Properties


The information we provide, and the healing properties attributed to a crystal gemstone are based on an understanding of the metaphysical qualities of the gemstone. The information should be taken as exciting and somewhat factual. The stones should not be an alternative for professional medical advice.

Please look at the size of everything. The photographs are true to size.

Packages are shipped 1-3 days after purchase. If you need your package before a certain date, please let us know before purchasing it.

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