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Sunflower Bracelet

Sunflower Bracelet

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The sunflower is a symbol of happiness and joy. The flower radiates light and warmth. The beautiful wishing bracelet makes the perfect little gift.

Let this charm remind you of the light and happiness you bring to those around you. You are BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL!

The sunflower always follows the sun. It represents a firm belief in the heart, which means bravery and loyalty. Its flower language is the sun, love, and silent love.

A smile will be on all faces. The card and the bracelet are perfect to put inside a gift card or to add to a gift instead of just a greeting card.

Wearing a wish bracelet reminds you to think positive thoughts which set the intention. Watch for good things to happen.

The bracelet makes an excellent friendship gift which can be gifted for birthdays, graduation, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any day that a nice surprise gift would be special.


• High Quality Metal Alloy Charm
• Textile Wax Rope

Adjustable size with a knot tied on the 1mm thick rope on the back of the bracelet. The size can be adjusted which makes the bracelet suitable for adults or children.

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