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Sacred Geometry | Digital Download | Crystal Grid

Sacred Geometry | Digital Download | Crystal Grid

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Crystals should be laid out in a pattern. The pattern is referred to as “Sacred Geometry.” Visualization is essential in manifestations and laying out the stones on the grid, and letting them work aids in the actualization of manifestations. Put combinations of crystals on the grids. Let them create a spiritual vortex to make your dreams come true.

This digital download consists of 8 grids of sacred geometry to print out and use with a brief history of each.

  • Seed of Life
  • Sri Yantra
  • Metatron’s Cube
  • 64 Tetrahedron
  • Nava Yoni
  • Vector Equilibrium
  • Merkaba (Flower of Life)
  • Flower of Life


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One PDF file.



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