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Clear Quartz Gemstone Rune Sets with Velvet Pouch

Clear Quartz Gemstone Rune Sets with Velvet Pouch

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Introducing our mesmerizing Clear Quartz Semi-Precious Gemstone Rune Sets, embodying ancient symbolism and wisdom that predates the Latin alphabet by centuries. Each set comprises 24 meticulously engraved stones, depicting unique rune symbols, alongside one blank stone for personalized interpretation or traditional divination methods.

Handcrafted from natural clear quartz gemstones, these sets boast exquisite clarity and brilliance, ensuring each piece is as unique as the individual who holds it. Safely nestled in a velvet pouch, your Rune Set remains protected when not in use, preserving its beauty and integrity.

Please note that variations in color, shape, and pattern may occur due to the natural characteristics of the gemstones, enhancing their individuality and charm.

Unlock the secrets of ancient knowledge and embark on a journey of insight and guidance with our Clear Quartz Semi-Precious Gemstone Rune Sets. Embrace the wisdom of the past and illuminate your path to the future with these timeless symbols of enlightenment.

  • Fehu ᚠ - “Cattle/Wealth”
  • Uruz ᚢ - “Ox”
  • Thurisaz ᚦ - “Mallet/Giant/Thorn”
  • Ansuz ᚫ - “Message”
  • Raidho ᚱ - “Journey”
  • Kenaz ᚲ - “Torch”
  • Gebo ᚷ - “Gift”
  • Wunjo ᚹ - “Joy”
  • Hagalaz ᚺ - “Hail”
  • Nauthiz ᚾ - “Needs”
  • Isa ᛁ - “Ice”
  • Jera ᛃ - “Harvest”
  • Eihwaz ᛇ - “Yew”
  • Perthro ᛈ - “Destiny”
  • Algiz ᛉ - “Elk”
  • Sowilo ᛋ - “Sun”
  • Tiwaz ᛏ - “Victory”
  • Berkana ᛒ - “Birch'“
  • Ehwaz ᛖ - “Horse'“
  • Mannaz ᛗ - “Man”
  • Laguz ᛚ - “Lake”
  • Ingwaz ᛝ - “Fertility”
  • Othala ᛟ - “Heritage”
  • Dagaz ᛞ - “Dawn”
  • Odin’s Rune (blank)
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