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7 Knot Evil Eye String Bracelet

7 Knot Evil Eye String Bracelet

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The 7-knot bracelet is considered an excellent amulet for protection against harmful energies. Wearing this string bracelet will protect us from danger or bad luck.

  • ABOUT EVIL EYE - Symbol for luck, fortune, protection, and prosperity. The center is an ojo Turco, an eye bead or naẓar is an eye-shaped amulet believed by many to protect against the evil eye.
  • PROTECTIVE - The bracelet is thought to ward off misfortune. This bracelet can bring good luck when entering a potentially harmful environment.
  • AMULET GIFTS - If there is someone you care about, and you want to protect them from bad luck, then a lucky bracelet will be a great gift choice.
  • ADJUSTABLE BRACELETS - The max length is 10", so do not worry about the size. Adjust the slip beads to allow the wearer a perfect fit.

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