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Sodalite Semi-Precious Gemstone Rune Sets with Velvet Pouch

Sodalite Semi-Precious Gemstone Rune Sets with Velvet Pouch

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Step into the realm of ancient wisdom and symbolic expression with our enchanting Sodalite Semi-Precious Gemstone Rune Sets. Rooted in traditions that predate the Latin alphabet by centuries, runes serve as powerful conduits for conveying timeless ideas and insights.

Each set comprises 24 meticulously engraved stones, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of these ancient symbols. Additionally, one stone remains unengraved, allowing for personal interpretation and exploration of the runic language.

To ensure both protection and elegance, every set is accompanied by a luxurious velvet pouch, perfect for safekeeping when not in use. Crafted from all-natural gemstones, these sets exhibit the inherent beauty of sodalite, with subtle variations in color and pattern that make each piece truly unique.

The accompanying image serves as a representation of the exceptional type and quality of gemstone you'll receive, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of runic symbolism awaiting you. Embark on a journey of discovery and enlightenment with our Sodalite Semi-Precious Gemstone Rune Sets, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary elegance.

  • Fehu ᚠ - “Cattle/Wealth”
  • Uruz ᚢ - “Ox”
  • Thurisaz ᚦ - “Mallet/Giant/Thorn”
  • Ansuz ᚫ - “Message”
  • Raidho ᚱ - “Journey”
  • Kenaz ᚲ - “Torch”
  • Gebo ᚷ - “Gift”
  • Wunjo ᚹ - “Joy”
  • Hagalaz ᚺ - “Hail”
  • Nauthiz ᚾ - “Needs”
  • Isa ᛁ - “Ice”
  • Jera ᛃ - “Harvest”
  • Eihwaz ᛇ - “Yew”
  • Perthro ᛈ - “Destiny”
  • Algiz ᛉ - “Elk”
  • Sowilo ᛋ - “Sun”
  • Tiwaz ᛏ - “Victory”
  • Berkana ᛒ - “Birch'“
  • Ehwaz ᛖ - “Horse'“
  • Mannaz ᛗ - “Man”
  • Laguz ᛚ - “Lake”
  • Ingwaz ᛝ - “Fertility”
  • Othala ᛟ - “Heritage”
  • Dagaz ᛞ - “Dawn”
  • Odin’s Rune (blank)
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