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Himalayan Chakra Incense

Himalayan Chakra Incense

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Incense contains 30 Incense Sticks with Holder. Choose from the following Fragrances:

ROOT – FRANKINCENSE: Fostering, Empowering, Grounding. This chakra symbolizes the core of our being and our sense of rootedness. When it is unblocked, you experience a profound connection to the present moment and a strong link to your physical body.

SACRAL – SANDLEWOOD: Sensual, Inspirational, Comforting. This chakra governs your relationship with your physical self and how you perceive yourself. An open sacral chakra fosters healthy self-esteem and nurturing relationships.

SOLAR PLEXUS – LEMONGRASS: Calming, Reassuring, Motivating. This chakra enhances your self-confidence and ability to take charge of your life. An open solar plexus chakra empowers you to assert yourself and feel at ease in group settings.

HEART – ROSE: Harmonizing, Invigorating, Awakening. This chakra amplifies your capacity to experience love, kindness, and affection. An open heart chakra encourages greater compassion, friendliness, and a pursuit of more harmonious relationships.

THROAT – VISHUDDHA: Balancing, Clarifying, Inspiring. This chakra heightens your abilities in self-expression and communication. When unblocked, you excel at creatively expressing yourself.

THIRD EYE – BERGAMOT & JASMINE: Clarifying, Transformative, Awakening. This chakra enhances your capacity for insight and visualization. An open third eye chakra sharpens your intuition.

CROWN – BLUE LOTUS & LAVENDER: Meditative, Unifying, Enlightening. This chakra embodies wisdom and oneness with the world. An open crown chakra fosters impartiality and a heightened awareness of both the world and oneself.

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