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Crystal Infused Roll On Essential Oil Blend

Crystal Infused Roll On Essential Oil Blend

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Crystal Infused Roll-On Essential Oil Blends for raising your vibration and setting intentions. Get in touch with your higher self with the high vibrational power of crystals and oils. Therapeutic grade organic essential oil blends are combined with charged gemstone crystals, which are specifically selected to enhance and strengthen the individual intentions of each bottle.


  • Amazonite infused with Chamomile oil (Calm, Compassion, Communication)
  • Amethyst infused with Lavender oil (Intuition, Calm, Balance)
  • Apatite infused with Frankincense oil (Creativity, Motivation, Manifesting)
  • Aquamarine infused with Japanese Magnolia oil (Communication, Intuition, Compassion)
  • Black Obsidian infused with Sandalwood oil (Cleansing, Protection, Intuition)
  • Black Tourmaline infused with White Sage and Palo Santo oil (Protection, Grounding, Cleansing)
  • Bloodstone infused with Cedarwood oil (Courage, Strength, Creativity)
  • Blue Chalcedony infused with Jasmine oil (Self-Expression, Confidence, Calm)
  • Blue Kyanite infused with Juniper Berry oil (Communication, Energy Alignment, Self-Expression)
  • Carnelian infused with Orange oil (Confidence, Courage, Passion)
  • Charoite infused with Lotus Blossom oil (Inspiration, Spiritual Awareness, Protection)
  • Citrine infused with Ylang Ylang oil (Happiness, Abundance, Creativity)
  • Clear Quartz infused with Cinnamon oil (Healing, Clarity, Pure Energy)
  • Dalmatian Jasper infused with Tea Tree oil (Playfulness, Positivity, Luck)
  • Dragon Blood infused with Verbena oil (Courage, Strength, Creativity)
  • Emerald infused with Bergamot oil (Prosperity, Passion, Growth)
  • Fluorite infused with Geranium oil (Clarity, Focus, Balance)
  • Garnet infused with Ginger oil (Passion, Energy, Grace)
  • Goldstone infused with Sandalwood oil (Ambition, Energy, Enthusiasm)
  • Green Aventurine infused with Eucalyptus oil (Prosperity, Growth, Balance)
  • Green Malachite infused with Silver Fir oil (Transformation, Protection, Self-Love)
  • Green Moss Agate infused with Juniper Berry oil (Grounding, Abundance, Growth)
  • Howlite infused with Clary Sage oil (Patience, Calm, Peace)
  • Labradorite infused with Palo Santo oil (Intuition, Protection, Confidence)
  • Lapis Lazuli infused with Peppermint oil (Clarity, Compassion, Intuition)
  • Larimar infused with Violet oil (Peace, Tranquility, Letting Go)
  • Lepidolite infused with Lavender oil (Emotional Balance, Inner Peace, Stress Relief)
  • Mookaite infused with Patchouli oil (Self-Worth, Motivation, Stability)
  • Moonstone infused with Clary Sage oil (New Beginnings, Peace, Growth)
  • Morganite infused with Neroli oil (Awareness, Self-Love, Love)
  • Myammar Topaz infused with Vanilla oil (Inner Strength, Faith, Self-Confidence)
  • Nephrite Jade infused with Bergamot oil (Balance, Peace, Protection)
  • Prehnite infused with Bergamot oil (Peace, Protection, Unconditional Love)
  • Pyrite infused with Patchouli oil (Grounding, Abundance, Good Luck)
  • Rainbow Moonstone infused with Jasmine oil (Clarity, Inspiration, Insight)
  • Red Jasper infused with Cedarwood oil (Calm, Strength, Courage)
  • Rhodochrosite infused with Neroli oil (Healing, Self-Love, Confidence)
  • Rose Quartz infused with Rose Absolute oil (Inner Peace, Love, Self-Esteem)
  • Smoky Quartz infused with Palo Santo oil (Grounding, Stability, Consciousness)
  • Snowflake Obsidian infused with Sandalwood oil (Balance, Grounding, Growth)
  • Sodalite infused with Clary Sage oil (Communication, Expression, Intuition)
  • Strawberry Quartz infused with Strawberry oil (Compassion, Love, Positivity)
  • Sunstone infused with Lemon oil (Passion, Courage, Happiness)
  • Tigers Eye infused with Tea Tree oil (Protection, Courage, Confidence)
  • Turquoise infused with Grapefruit oil (Calmness, Freshness, Energy)
  • Unakite infused with Wintergreen oil (Growth, Insight, Balance)
  • Watermelon Tourmaline infused with Watermelon oil (Love, Patience, Security)


    According to old wives’ tales, applying perfume to your pulse points will help the scent last longer and amplify the scent. The pulse points are places where the blood vessels are closest to the skin’s surface. Because the blood vessels are close to the surface, these points are where your body emits heat. Your body is a natural diffuser for an essential oil scent.

    With your favorite essential oil bottle and roll-on, dropper, euro dropper, or spray dispenser, put a small amount of essential oil on any of these body parts and massage into the skin:

    • Hair – You leave behind a fragrance trail wherever you go by applying a small amount of scent to your hair.
    • Behind Your Ear – This pulse point is perfect for a little scent. The oilier the spot is, the longer the fragrance will linger, thanks to the ability of the oil to trap the smell.
    • Base of Throat - The base of your throat is a pulse point that will help emit the scent’s aroma for a long time.
    • Cleavage – Put a small amount of fragrance between your breasts after a shower or bath. It won’t last as long as the pulse points on your body but will radiate the scent.
    • Inner Elbow – Put a small amount of fragrance inside the crook of your arm. Let the oil completely dry before bending your arm to keep the scent strong.
    • Torso – Put a small amount of fragrance on your torso so that even sweating during your daily activity or workouts will help you smell amazing.
    • Back of the Wrist – The essential oil acts differently with every person. Being trained since childhood to use this pulse point is for a reason. You will enjoy the scent all day and emit a pleasant aroma to those around you.
    • Behind Your Knees – The soft and warm place behind your knees will capture the fragrance better than other body parts. The friction that happens when you walk will keep the scent going for a long time.


    • Crystal Infused Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roll-Ons for yoga and meditation.
    • Each roller ball bottle is 10 ML.

    Each blend is made with fractionated coconut oil (carrier oil) and 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.


      The simplest way to make an inhalation is by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a tissue to smell throughout the day. To make a steamy inhalation, add a few drops to a bowl of hot water. Place your face close to the water and hold a clean towel over your head to create a tent. Breathe in the vapors and set the mood for any occasion. You can also add a few drops of an essential to a diffuser and infuse a larger space.


      • SKIN PATCH TEST - A good idea before using an essential oil topically is testing for a possible allergic reaction. Put a drop or two on your elbow or wrist and cover the area with a bandage. If in 24 hours, you feel itchiness or see redness or a rash on the test area you should not use the oil on your skin.
      • PHOTOSENSITIZING OILS - Some essential oils (typically citrus oils) contain natural substances called furanocoumarins. Furanocoumarins can react with ultraviolet light to create substances that may cause hyperpigmentation or burning on the skin. Stay out of the sun or tanning booth for at least 24 hours after the use of photosensitizing oils.
      • MEDICAL CONDITION - If you have a medical condition and are taking any medication or undergoing any type of medical treatment, you should check with your healthcare provider before use.
      • PREGNANT - If you are pregnant, nursing, or under the care of a physician for a chronic condition, please consult your physician before trying any essential oil products. For external use only. Individual results may vary.
      • FDA - The above warnings have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any concerns, you should seek the advice of a healthcare professional.


      Sold only as a curio item for entertainment purposes.