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Anxiety Relief Spell Jar Kit

Anxiety Relief Spell Jar Kit

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Are you struggling with anxiety? Is the struggle debilitating? Perhaps you would like to try a mindset shift by utilizing a manifestation jar or spell kit.

By easing the overwhelming feelings, the anxiety alien in your chest, the ritual may lesson your burden and help with the struggle.

To boost your motivation and accelerate your goals, this anxiety relief jar will give you the help you need from universal powers. Use this anxiety relief ritual to bolster your determination and change your mindset to remove the mental and physical obstacles that are delibilitating.

“By finding relief from anxiety, things go right simply by not thinking things will go wrong.” – Anonymous

One of the ways to manifest something into your life is through spells, rituals, and meditation.

Spell jars (also known as “witch bottles”) are spiritual tools that can help people’s mindset and can amplify the energy behind an intention. By creating the jar, you can collect the thoughts and desires to put intention into the jar. The jar is easily created by filling it with specific ingredients directed at your intention.

The following are the herbs, flowers and crystals in your jar:

• Amethyst - Calmness, Balance, and Peace.
• Angelica Root - Protects against dark energy and brings good fortune.
• Clove - The penetrating aroma calms nerves and helps with the clarity of mind.
• Jasmine - A relaxing scent that attracts peace and spiritual love.
• Sea Salt - Sea Salt uses the power of the ocean to help with manifestation, and anchoring energy.
• Sea Shells - Offers oceans of healing energy for a fast and easy transformation of consciousness.

What you will receive in the Standard Package:

• Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions
• Glass Jar of your choice
• Herbs, Flowers, and Crystals
• 4 Inch Candle
• Candle Drip Protector
• Decorative Matches
• Decorative paper to write your intention.
• Charm and string
• Suggested Affirmations
• Spell Words


Standard Package will be sent with some items separated but securely packaged. The packaging is cute and safe but more practical.



A spell jar is a curio that holds all the desires you want to manifest. The combination in the jar that we have selected will help manifest your reality. The following steps are suggested:

1. Before you begin your ritual, ensure your space feels open and inviting.
2. Cleanse the space using incense, sage, Palo Santos, or Florida water. 
3. Decorate the jar and write your intention. We provide some suggestions. Place your written intention into the jar.
4. Light the candles and take a few deep breaths to be present.
5. Seal the jar with a candle.
6. Concentrate on your intention while looking at the jar. Then, get quiet and either say or think about your affirmation. If you wanted, you could say the spell words provided aloud.
7. The candle will burn down, and you can reflect on your ceremony.
8. Display the jar where you can see it. Place the jar in your purse, bag, room, car, or altar.


The spell kits have various herbs, flowers, and crystals. All ingredients are listed. If you have any known allergies, please be mindful of this. Do not ingest the ingredients.

Please make sure your order is accurate before you purchase. Everything is made to order. No cancellations, refunds, exchanges, or returns will be granted.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding. Our best intentions of love, positivity, and light are put into each product we create.

Morganite Gems makes no guarantees or promises on the outcomes of this curio. Manifestation jars are for spiritual use only and should not be consumed or used in place of professional advice such as medical, psychological, or otherwise. Please use incense and candles at your own risk. Place the long-burning candle in a safe area that will not cause a fire.

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