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Abundance Mantra Sticky Notes

Abundance Mantra Sticky Notes

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To attract abundance, you need to clear your mind of old thought patterns that are holding you back. Like attracts like. You need to put positive intentions into the universe to receive abundance and posterity back from the universe.

Wealth is already available to each of us. We just must learn how to access it. You need to face your fears over thinking you are not worthy to receive money. Your view and thoughts about money attract the amount of money that shows up in your life.

Some limiting thoughts are related to scarcity. Sometimes you believe you do not have enough. An overwhelming feeling of failure or that you will never succeed clouds your everyday thinking. Assuming you are not good enough to receive abundance is another damaging thought. All these thoughts put into the universe will only allow you to accept what ideas you put out. You will never receive abundance, prosperity and wealth unless you change your mindset.

Sticky notes with abundance mantras on them are one of the ways to surround yourself with the intention of money. The sticky notes and dollar bills all over my car, my laptop bag, my bedroom mirror, bathroom mirror, and my office desk are a testament to surrounding myself with my intention. They serve as a constant reminder that you are worthy of abundance and abundance is on its way.

You will get 3 of each unique sticky note for a total of 24 notes. The notes are beautifully printed but are not very sticky. So you have to utilize a small piece of tape to get them to stick well on a mirror or other hard surface.

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