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Natural Crystal Pendulum

Natural Crystal Pendulum

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PENDULUM, CRYSTAL Pendulum, DOWSING Pendulum, Spiritual Healing Faceted Cone Pocket Pendulum with Chain Divination Tools

Pendulum dowsing is an ancient practice, going back as far as 6000 BC. Dowsing involves using a pendulum that is typically a gemstone or crystal hung at the end of a chain or rope. The pendulum is used to gain insight into a question or situation. A dowsing mat provides a path for the pendulum to follow to help answer questions without guessing.

• 1 Pendulum
• 1 Velvet Bag


• Mini Pendulums - 1 Inch (25.4mm)
• Regular Pendulum - 1.5 to 2 inches (38mm to 51mm)


Choose a pendulum for an add-on item to complete the set. Each pendulum includes an information card about the stone with metaphysical properties, affirmation, and scientific properties.

• Amethyst – Peace
• Bloodstone - Determination
• Blue Aventurine - Regeneration
• Carnelian - Confidence
• Clear Quartz – Grounding, Resilience
• Fluorite - Clarity, Truth, Intuition
• Green Aventurine - Opportunity
• Hematite - Grounding
• Labradorite - Strength
• Lapis Lazuli – Clarity and Compassion
• Mahogany Obsidian - Grounding
• Obsidian - Protection
• Orange Aventurine - Happiness
• Rainbow Moonstone – New Beginnings
• Red Jasper - Empowerment
• Rhodonite - Centering
• Rose Quartz - Love
• Sandstone - Creativity
• Sodalite - Insight
• Tigers Eye – Clarity, Focus, Protection
• Yellow Aventurine – Spiritual Healing

• Black
• Blue
• Gray
• Green
• Off-white
• Pink
• Purple
• Wine


Please look at the size of everything. The photographs are true to size, and the gemstones are compared to a US quarter.

The information we provide and the healing properties attributed to a crystal gemstone are based on understanding the gemstone’s metaphysical qualities. The information should be taken as exciting and somewhat factual. The stones should not be an alternative to professional medical advice.

Packages are shipped 1-3 days after purchase. If you need your package before a specific date, please let us know before purchasing it.

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